At woof we think first. We think about
what we do, and how we do it. We
even think about why we do it. Best of all, the people we do it for, love us for it!


WOOF Creative Solutions lives and breathes brand development, advertising, design, digital media execution and publishing. In fact, we’re just as comfortable in the print world as we are in the digital space. As such, we’ve partnered with clients spanning an array of industries; from fashion to engineering, retail to wholesale, from lawyers to tradies... but the most important thing you’ll learn about us is that with everything we do, we THINK FIRST, understand and then create.

Should you need us, you can find us any time of the day, (and many nights), in our natural habitat of Collingwood, in the famed WOOF Towers. We thrive on an eclectic mix of ear pounding loud music, drink litres of excellent coffee (praise be to the caffeine Gods), play with cool toys (because we’re all big kids at heart) and more often than not, we are supervised by Hawk, our English Bulldog and consigliere.


think first

We have a simple process, and it works! We apply it to all that we do, regardless of the end media or execution.
Woof Creative - Think First

1. We Think First

At the start of each and every day, we THINK first - about the problems we have to solve, about our clients, their markets, timing, goals and outcomes. We put pencil to paper, not mouse to computer, and draw up some ideas as rough as possible to flesh out all the possible solutions. We do this with the client so that we find a solution which fits perfectly.

Woof Creative - Create

2. We Create

Once we have thought it all out, and with approval from the client, then - and only then - we start to create. It’s during this stage that the original rough, pencil drawn, concepts have life breathed into them. It doesn’t matter which execution or discipline we’re doing it for, this process remains the same.

Woof Creative - Analyse

3. We Analyse

We then collect, analyse and report on all data including customer and client feedback. This allows us to find out what worked, and WHY! This way we can improve the THINK FIRST process, and future outcomes.

what we do

how we do it

We have a simple process and it works! We apply it to all that we do regardless of the end media or execution.
The six easy steps are detailed below...

1.Think First

Understanding is key. Understand the background, client, audience, competitive frame set and the Buy-in Process. Understand what is trying to be achieved. Know when it needs to be achieved by.

More than anything, understand WHY.


We love it when a plan comes together, but we love it even more when we can plan the approach to the jobs we do. Here’s where we map out how we’re going to solve the problem ahead of us, as well as devising the communication and marketing strategies to underpin the creative execution. We also develop KPIs and other key metrics to measure success.


In this phase we focus on the creative execution. This is the phase that varies most from project to project and medium to medium. However, it always revolves around conveying an incisive message that will cut through the surrounding noise in an over-communicated market. Be easily understood, remembered and recalled in order to drive measurable action.


This is where we gain the knowledge needed to enable us to make better, more educated decisions on future projects. It’s where we gain better understanding about which elements worked and which didn’t... and more importantly why! It’s also how we measure our success.

5.Start Again

As with a persian rug, we believe nothing is ever perfect - or finished. It is this pursuit of evolution which keeps us both inspired to create, but also passionate about results. We never look back with regret but, rather, forward with anticipation.

why we do it

The "Why" is the least addressed of the "Who, What, Why, When, How" questions that accompany the situations we encounter in life. This is generally because it is the hardest to answer. At WOOF, we think first, it's just what we do, with regard to everything. Thus it makes perfect sense to us that before we open up the doors, boot up our computers and make that essential first cup of coffee in the morning, that we think about Why we do what we do.

Speaking candidly, one of the driving forces behind why we get out of bed in the morning, is money. It drives you and your business decisions, and here at WOOF, with regard to this aspect, we are no different to you. We're not here to sugar-coat the truth and pretend that we are not a business striving to make money. However, it's not the only reason we do what we do, ask anyone in the industry, there are much easier ways to make a crust.

At WOOF, we love what we do. We know what you're thinking, "Sure, sure...but I'd rather be lying on a beach or sailing the oceans on the other side of the world than at the office". Well, to be blatantly honest, so would we. Who wouldn't? However, I can also guarantee that on that beach next to us, would be a notepad, full of sketches and drawings, ideas and inspirations. On the deck of that yacht would be a digital camera, full of amazing photography and a Mac at hands reach to touch up, edit and publish the story of our journey online.

Because we are smitten with what we do, we're captivated by it. It enthrals and entrances us. And everything we do has our blood, sweat and tears running through its proverbial veins. That's why we spend more hours than we will ever bill, to produce work of the highest calibre that our clients deserve.

The best part is, that our clients know this. They truly appreciate that we haven't just handed them a quick layout, a little idea, or just some thrown together site. We've handed them a piece of ourselves, they love us for it... they thank us for it, and we thank them for that.

people we do it for

Mattel WWE Provincial Home Living Kookai Simonds
Dunlop Bowens Smiggle Happy Lab
Piping Hot Cleatskins Jeremy Oliver Anthony Squires
Villa and Hut Kafe Guardian Clubbid Scotchmans Hill
Vodka Cruiser Regal Sleep Solutions Gumboots BJ Bearings

love us for it

Dunlop Flooring

Yvette Fitzpatrick, Brand Manager

Woof Creative was engaged to assist Dunlop Flooring in growing our business by developing a brand identity for our new range of hard flooring. The creative process we went through was outstanding, from the beginning they laid out a very simple but comprehensive plan to develop our new brand and to make sure it connected with our target audience.

The Woof team is fun to work with, always meet their deadlines and go above and beyond to get the job done. They have now taken this brand and extended its personality to our packaging, brochures, web and our social presence, part of our success is due to their outstanding work and contribution.

Our relationship is based on a shared enthusiasm and passion for everything that Heartridge stands for, it's a pleasure to work with such a great team.

Provincial Home Living

Jade Pausewang, Managing Director

Provincial Home Living are glad to have a working partnership with WOOF Creative. They understand our brand, our vision and our direction. WOOF work flexibly and effortlessly with our constant deadlines and they are able to produce quality work in tight time frames.

WOOF have additionally helped direct us to expand and profit with our online strategy. This in turn meant we exceeded our online budget by 130% for FY09/10. As a result with development help of WOOF, we feel confident and have increased our budget over 400% for the coming financial year.

Thank you WOOF Creative.

Jeremy Oliver

Sarah Culliver

WOOF have never failed to offer us creative ideas and rapid solutions, going out of their way to accommodate our (sometimes) Veruca-Salts-like demands - they are as flexible as a russian gymnast and offer nigh on peerless customer liaison. We couldn't have asked for a more complete team.

Edwin Books

Lionel Meehan, Author - The PPS Guide

WOOF Creative did a fantastic job on the design and production of The PPS Guide. Leonard Montagnana, as creative director, and Andrew Kammergruber, as project manager and consultant, threw their creativity and prowess behind the project to deliver what we consider to be a highly innovative legal textbook, using colours, diagrams, iconography and page design to explain and convey legal concepts and ideas.

Leonard, Andrew and the team at WOOF showed enormous commitment and faith to this long-term project. Woof Creative's work on The PPS Guide shows that Woof are prepared to dig deep and tackle hard projects, delivering truly excellent results.

I commend the team at WOOF Creative to all seeking design and creative work for their projects - these guys will respect and build upon your ideas, turning them into professional and viable products.

Illumination Physics

Peter Kemp, Managing Director

One of the great things about WOOF is that no matter what we are looking for in the way of website content, literature, logos, magazine advertisements and all our crazy ideas, every time we ask them for some ideas they come up with GREAT options, and always not just one great option.

We work in a constantly changing industry involving the latest technology in lighting which results in us having to constantly update the information for our website. We find that WOOF never tire from our constant urgent requirements.

Simonds Homes

Daniel Senia, Marketing Manager

I'm not in the habit of writing testimonials, but in some instances when service goes above and beyond it warrants some positive feedback.

The gents at WOOF Creative provide clear and concise direction as well as cutting edge creative which helps us get the results we need from our online program. Their friendly service, affordable pricing and impressively quick turn-around times make this process a pleasure - as opposed to the arduous , complex and expensive processes offered by some of their competitors.

I can't recommend the guys strongly enough to take on any of your advertising or marketing needs.

Bounce Books

Neil Wallace, Publishing Director & Author

WOOF and Bounce Books have had a close, productive relationship over the years. In fact, it's safe to say that our business wouldn't be where it is now without the design qualities, the flexibility and the 'we'll get it done' attitude WOOF possesses.

WOOF designs and produces corporate books for us, as well as commercial, fiction product. They've also created the Bounce website, our corporate brochure and right back at the start - the logo and branding. I can strongly recommend WOOF to anyone looking for creativity that is focused on results.

Lobster Sports

Maurie Presutto, Managing Director

Since we started working with WOOF in 2005, I've had the pleasure of working very closely with the team in many areas of my business. In fact they feel more like a partner than someone I seek assistance from and outsource jobs to.

We meet on a monthly basis to 'plan' our strategies and then go into action to make sure it all happens. They are creative, quick to finish tasks (in fact, most times completes jobs ahead of time), and most of all it's just lots of fun.


WOOF Towers

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Collingwood VIC 3066
03 9077 4365

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